Elites of Ballistick

We are one.

                  Welcome to Elites of Ballistick {EOB}. We are a gaming clan based on Stick Arena, Created by M76Mat and Hunter {Aka Humanslocation5for1} on June 13th, 2011. Like many other clans, We hope to prevail against other clans in the Stick Arena Community, And become of the best in Stick Arena Dimensions history. We will only recruit players with a great amount of skill. Hacking, Suicide hacking, and glitching are not tolerated in Elites of Ballistick and if caught he/she will be banned from chatbox and be reported via XGen Studios Forums. We are the future of Stick Arena clans, and will terminate, obliterate, and disintigrate any clan out there that will try to challenge us. This clan is an enormous force, and features pros such as M76mat, Velociraptor, HBeezySwagX, Skull of Death, and more to come. Please enjoy your time at EOB, and don't break the rules here. Prepare for the hardest clan in Stick Arena. We don't, nor won't back down from anything. We aren't "scared" to war anybody, so if we happen to decline your war, It isn't because we think you're too good for us to beat, in most cases you won't be, It's because we are busy relaxing and enjoying each other's company, nobody wants to war 24/7. We will war you eventually. Remember, Stick Arena is just a game. Welcome to EOB and enjoy your stay.


Update - March 31st, 2013

EOB is dead. We sure did have some fun times. I killed it because SA is losing so much activity there's only 2 clans that are even active anymore. Clans in general have died out. It would be pointless running a clan nowadays. If SA somehow becomes active again (which it probably won't) and clans become active as well, we'll be back. As for now, R.I.P EOB. You had a good run.

Update - October 27th, 2013

So XGen is releasing Super Motherload November 15th. If they start updating Stick Arena again, and Stick Arena finally starts becoming more active again, expect to see EOB up and running.

Why join EOB?

- We are friendly, and don't fight. All members are united.

- We at EOB do not abuse power, troll, or flame (Unless trolled first)

- You will gain skill from clan 1v1s, 2v2s, and 3v3s. Some members may train you, to increase your skill level for warring.

- We give moderator position in chat to all members.

Join the force today, and become an Elite of Ballistick!

Joining : To join, you must be tried out by a clan owner, to ensure you have enough skill to meet the requirements of EOB. If you do, Your in. If not, we will train you until you become skilled enough to join. Putting a clan tag in your name or buying the clan spinner is optional. (Note that if you don't log in for a week after added to the clan, You will automatically be removed from the roster. If you are going on vacation, Notify the owners. Ranking up : To rank up to moderator in the clan, You must recruit 5 players, and beat a moderator in the clan. If you beat an owner, You will automatically be promoted to a moderator. If you are a moderator, To rank up to owner, You must recruit 5 players, And beat a clan owner.














An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears. 

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Clan tag : (єøв)

"Watch us murder our deserters" - Xzibit

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Wars can only be declared/accepted by M76mat or with his permission.

White = Won

Blue = Lost

  • War against Black Sinz (Won)
  • War against Goog (Won) 
  • War against TRR (Won)
  • War against Fearless (Won)
  • War against Unbeatable Legendz (Won)
  • War against XgenClan (Won)
  • War against Hell (Lost)
  • War against Golden Gun (Won)
  • War against Dignified (Won)
  • War against Swish-SAB (Won)
  • Re-war against Swish-SAB (Won)
  • War against Slasher Clan (Won)
  • War against Arrogant (Won)
  • War against Bas-Balli (Won)
  • War against Inferior (Won)
  • War against PXG (Won)
  • War against IG (Lost, ICBYA got tired of tieing and lost on purpose)
  • War against BHP (Won)
  • Re-war against BHP (Won)
  • War against Random Pit Lordz (Won)
  • War against Smoke Clan (Won)
  • War against Legion (Lost)
  • War against UGC (Won)
  • War against EA (Won)
  • War against Extracted (Won)
  • War against Straight up Swag (Won)
  • War against ASAP (Won)
  • War against Superwar (Won)
  • War against Dark Shooters (Won)
  • War against Prime (Won)
  • War against Easy Aim (Won)
  • Re-war against Easy Aim (Won)
  • War against Sinai Warriors (Won)
  • War aganst Checords (Won)
  • War against SAB Stoners (Won)
  • War against Electrocution (Lost)
  • Re-War against Electrocution (Won)


6/13/11 - EOB is created

6/19/11 - EOB wins war with Black Sinz

6/20/11 - EOB wins war with Goog and TRR

6/22/11 - EOB wins war with Fearless

7/?/11 - EOB allies GameSwag-HQ

7/16/11 - EOB allies Inferior

7/17/11 - EOB wins war with Unbeatable Legendz

7/19/11 - EOB wins war with XgenClan

8/10/11 - EOB wins war with Omerta and Gold Gun

9/10/11 - EOB wins 3 wars on one day, Thanks very much to Kiro.

10/1/11 - Kiro makes his return to EOB, and owns 3 more clans.

3/3/12 - EOB makes its return with a good start by winning a war, Thanks to our long-time companion, Kiro.

5/17/12 - Our GFXer, Squirrel, Makes us a brand new set of sexy GFX. Thanks, Squirrel! Also, Some minor site updates.

5/31/12 - XGen expands Ballistick to a new game called Dimensions. We will still stay as Elites of Ballistick, Though.

6/13/12 - EOB turns 1 year old today. Thanks guys, It's been a great year, and let's hope we can live and pwn for another!



єøв đє¢łαяєš ωαя øи чøυ! ινι, 2/э, иƒκ, итκ, иø мєłєє, иø ¢αмρıиg, иø яυииıиg, иø ħα¢κıиg, иø яαgє-qυıттıиg, иø κıłłıиg ωαт¢ħєяš, иø κı¢κıиg ωαт¢ħєяš, ρσѕтρσηєѕ cαη ησт вє σνєя Чȣ нσυяѕ, вαи/κı¢κ ıи ¢ħαт ıš αυтøωıи, łøšєя мυšт αđмıт đєƒєαт, đø чøυ α¢¢єρт؟

єøв đє¢łαяєš ωαя øи чøυ! 2ν2, 2/э, иƒκ, итκ, иø мєłєє, иø ¢αмρıиg, иø яυииıиg, иø ħα¢κıиg, иø яαgє-qυıттıиg, иø κıłłıиg ωαт¢ħєяš, иø κı¢κıиg ωαт¢ħєяš, ρσѕтρσηєѕ cαη ησт вє σνєя чȣ нσυяѕ, вαи/κı¢κ ıи ¢ħαт ıš αυтøωıи, łøšєя мυšт αđмıт đєƒєαт, đø чøυ α¢¢єρт؟